Message Deliverability: Increased Error Rates

As the current situation for outbound emails from Intercom still shows degraded performance, we are giving a summary update of work we have undertaken so far. All of our sending IP addresses and our main sending domain are listed on the Spamhaus blacklist. This happened due to poor performance from some senders around the 25th May and again around the 8th of June. We can see approximately 16% of our outbound email is affected (14% to Microsoft domains, 1% to Apple, some low volume traffic to smaller domains). Emails going to any Google Apps, Gmail, Yahoo and AOL addresses are still delivering as expected. We are working on a few tracks of work: cleaning up our traffic, escalating through our upstream email provider to Spamhaus and setting up new infrastructure to better isolate good senders from reputation issues and get transactional and notification emails working as expected. As it stands, we have identified the bad traffic causing the issue and suspended email for poorly performing senders. We are currently waiting for Spamhaus to re-assess us for delisting, following these improvements. We don’t have an ETA for this at present. We will update on all tracks of work as they progress, or by 18:00 UTC if there is no new information.