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Recent Datto Outages and Issues

  • Apr 102024
    We are currently aware of a problem where a subset of Datto SaaS Protection users can experience a M365 Exchange failure due to error "ExchangeServerBusyError". Mitigation : The steps outlined in the following KB will assist in mitigating this issue by temporarily increasing the Microsoft throttling limit : Please note : Limit increases are temporary and will need to be applied again as needed. Our Engineering team is currently investigating the problem and working with Microsoft towards a resolution. Subscribe to Datto SaaS Protection on the Status Page for up to date information. You can monitor the current status of this issue at
  • Apr 92024
    We are currently aware of a problem where a subset of Datto SaaS Protection backups will start but never complete on certain V2 nodes. Please note: This is not impacting partners on v3 pods. Our Engineering team has identified the problem and is working towards a resolution. Affected Nodes : use1-bfyii-2490 use1-bfyii-1925 use1-bfyii-2690 use1-bfyii-1745 use1-bfyii-1394 use1-bfyii-2742 use1-bfyii-1471 use1-bfyii-1297 use1-bfyii-799 use1-bfyii-693 use1-bfyii-681 use1-bfyii-949 use1-bfyii-1949 use1-bfyii-2483 gbe2-bfyii-1226 gbe2-bfyii-2537 des1-bfyii-746 Unsure of which node you are on? We have a Knowledge Base article to walk you through determining your node : Subscribe to Datto SaaS Protection on the Status Page for up to date information. You can monitor the current status of this issue at
  • Apr 82024
  • Apr 32024
    Our teams are currently investigating alerts not loading for Datto RMM on our Merlot platform. Thank you for your patience as we work through this issue!

StatusTicker has been monitoring Datto since October 2023.

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About Datto Monitoring

StatusTicker monitors the status of Datto and all other cloud services. We show you the current status of Datto and all other services. We also show you the most recent Datto outage history.

About Datto

Datto provides comprehensive backup, recovery, and business continuity solutions designed for distributed networks and ensures data protection for businesses of all sizes through its suite of scalable managed services and cloud-based products. Their offerings aim to minimize downtime and data loss by providing robust tools for data backup, disaster recovery, and secure file sharing and synchronization.

Recent Datto Outage and Status History

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Datto Components

StatusTicker monitors the following components of Datto:

  • API
  • AU14
  • AU5
  • Access Points
  • Agent Registration
  • America East
  • America East 2
  • America East 3
  • America West
  • America West 2
  • America West 3
  • Australia / New Zealand
  • Australia / New Zealand 2
  • Autotask PSA
  • Backup
  • Backup
  • Backup
  • CA13
  • CA3
  • Chat
  • Check Out
  • Cloud Continuity
  • CloudTrax
  • Concord (US East)
  • Datto Academy
  • Datto BCDR
  • Datto Commerce
  • Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure
  • Datto EDR
  • Datto EDR Agent Connection
  • Datto EDR Login
  • Datto File Protection
  • Datto Help Center
  • Datto Login Services
  • Datto Networking
  • Datto Phones
  • Datto RMM
  • Datto SaaS Defense
  • Datto SaaS Defense Client OnBoarding
  • Datto SaaS Defense Lucky Meter
  • Datto SaaS Defense Portal Login & Dashboards
  • Datto SaaS Defense Scanning System
  • Datto SaaS Protection
  • Datto Store
  • Datto Workplace
  • Detection Engine
  • Device Checkin
  • Device Checkin
  • Device Registration
  • Device Registration
  • EU1 (English Europe and Asia)
  • EU10
  • EU11
  • EU12
  • EU16
  • EU2
  • EU4
  • EU7
  • German (Deutsch)
  • Integrations
  • Knowledge Articles
  • Limited Release
  • Make a Payment
  • Managed Power
  • Merlot (EU2)
  • Network Manager
  • New Agent Deployment
  • Notification Engine
  • Off-Site Synchronization
  • Partner Portal
  • Phone Portal (Contact Center)
  • Pinotage (EU1)
  • Product Selector
  • Purchase History
  • Recovery
  • Recovery
  • Recovery
  • Remote Web
  • Report Data Warehouse
  • Reporting Engine
  • Routers
  • SaaS Protection Backups
  • SaaS Protection Client Onboarding
  • SaaS Protection Console Login
  • SaaS Protection Seat Management
  • Secure Edge
  • Spanish (Español)
  • Subscription Management
  • Support Phones
  • Switches
  • Syrah (APAC)
  • Ticket Entry
  • UK (United Kingdom)
  • UK 2 (United Kingdom)
  • UK Limited Release (United Kingdom)
  • US1
  • US15
  • US17
  • US6
  • US8
  • US9
  • Verification
  • Verification
  • Verification
  • Vidal (US East)
  • Web Application
  • Zinfandel (US West)

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Datto is not having an outage right now. The Datto status here can help you determine if there is a global outage and Datto is down for everyone or it is just you that is experiencing problems.

The last outage for Datto was on April 10, 2024.

Yes, you can! Sign up for free to receive alerts when Datto goes down. You can also monitor Datto status from your dashboard.

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