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Recent GitLab Outages and Issues

  • Nov 222023
    Sidekiq processing is delayed

    Lasted about 2 hours

    Our team is currently investigating some sidekiq performance issues which is causing some delays in jobs processing.
  • Nov 202023
    Performance issues affecting processing of MRs

    Lasted about 2 hours

    We are actively investigating an issue where CI jobs are being picked up slowly affecting performance of MR's. More details here:
  • Nov 162023
    Configured Services in GitLab CI Not Receiving Variables from .gitlab-ci.yml

    Lasted about 2 hours

    We are actively investigating an issue where services specified in .gitlab-ci.yml are not picking up environment variables as expected. More details here:
  • Nov 32023
    Merge requests incorrectly blocked by denied license

    Lasted 3 days

    We are investigating reports of merge requests incorrectly being blocked due to denied licenses

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GitLab is a web-based platform for managing Git repositories. It provides a complete DevOps platform with collaboration tools, version control, CI/CD pipelines, and more.

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