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Recent Swiftype Outages and Issues

  • Aug 82023
    Site Search crawler degradation

    Lasted about 1 hour

    Engineers are looking into a potential service degradation affecting the Site Search crawler.
  • Feb 62023
    Degraded performance

    Lasted about 21 hours

    We are investigating a backend issue that appears to affect a few of the Swiftype services. We're working on restoring the service.
  • Dec 122022
    Swiftype Crawler service degraded

    Lasted about 4 hours

    We are currently investigating an issue with the Swiftype Crawler.

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About Swiftype

Swiftype is a cloud-based search platform that allows businesses to quickly and easily implement powerful search functionality on their website or application. Their suite of tools includes customizable search algorithms, auto-complete options, and analytics to help improve the user experience and drive conversions.

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